Thank you for considering Silver Water Homes Solutions Inc (a PMSC company) a "fully insured" "Eco" friendly cleaning company and janitorial service for your cleaning requirements. We at Silver Water Solutions know that you have many choices in cleaning and janitorial companies. Our goal is to show you that we are your best choice! We are not the biggest company; however, we strive to be the best. We take the input of generations of owner experience and the input of our experienced field experts and combine them to formulate the best cleaning methods possible. We hear our customer’s suggestions, and we recognize your concerns! We know you have children, and pets and messy teenagers (and spouses for that fact), but we also hear your eco and health concerns. We did away with acid based cleaners, and input citric based ones instead. No more concerns over skin irritations, or harsh smells, just natural products and the smell of nature. Try us out and see why so many of our customers never leave and why our competition mimics us. Not the biggest, just the best!


Talk to one of our experienced service reps and schedule an appointment @ 281-888-8759, or email us @ customerservice@silverwatersolutions.com, or simply fill out our contact form, and someone will contact you as soon as possible!

Contact Us: (281) 888-8759  or email us @ customerservice@silverwatersolutions.com